Phew! The first Shop Drop of PEAK+PINE Apparel has finally come to a close. Every order has been mailed out, picked up or dropped off. My house finally looks back to normal after weeks of having hats, hoodies, crewnecks and t-shirts in piles all over my main floor.

This was such a learning experience for me. From sourcing out the best suppliers to work with, finalizing the logos, ordering all the shipping material, growing our social media following, and more! Some would think that to pull this all off that I had a team of people supporting this launch, but it was just me and the support of my family.

So when I get a positive review, or a photo of a happy Mini Explorer, or someone reaching out to ask when the next Shop Drop is happening, you have no idea the amount of gratitude this brings me.

So now I know you all are wondering, when is the next Shop Drop? Well, if you know me you know that I've already been working with my suppliers to bring you new items and firming up new graphics for the next Shop Drop. Dates will be announced soon!

Until then Adventure Squad, keep exploring and tagging us on your adventures!

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