Frequently asked questions

Tell us more about your Shop Drop?

Unlike most online stores, PEAK+PINE Apparel is commited to do everything within our means to reduce our envirommental impact and carbon footprint. Which is why we don't hold inventory of our apparel items. Every 2 -3 months, we will open our shop for orders. The orders made during our Shop Drop will be placed. If you missed the Shop Drop, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay informed on our next Shop Drop, so you don't miss out!

How often will PEAK+PINE Apparel do a Shop Drop?

We are currently planning to host quarterly Shop Drops. However, if we get an overwhelming amount of people subscribing to our newsletter and wishing to be on the email list, we may open one up sooner. It's best to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay informed on all our Shop Drops.

Will you offer the same apparel items for all Shop Drops?

PEAK+PINE Apparel will be offering up all our best selling items for every Shop Drop. In addition, we hope to release brand new items for every Shop Drop such as, new clothing options, new branding and new logos. So if you see something you love, don't wait because it's not guarenteed to be in the next Shop Drop!

What is PEAK+PINE Apparel Exhange & Return Policy?

We are a small family business who takes great pride in our clothing line. If there is something you don't love about your purchase, please email us directly at hello@peakandpineapparel.ca.

Why are you so awesome?

Awe shucks, thanks! I got it from my mama:)

How long are Shop Drops open for orders?

You will have a 1-2 week window to place your order. Don't hesitate!

How long will it take to get my amazing PEAK+PINE Apparel?

All orders will be placed with the manufactor(s) the following business day when the Shop Drop closes. Depending on the volume and the manufactor, the estimated timeline will be 2-4 weeks after the Shop Drop closes.